Leaving the city behind

we discover the pleasures of eating well

in rugged and remote settings.

Join our professional chef host Kyle Mendenhall as he welcomes naturalists, fly fishermen, wildlife biologists, foragers, geologists, musicians and historians along on our trips.  You will find each adventure brimming with rich information and good cheer. At the end of a great day of hiking and learning, when the wood is collected and the fire is ready, prepare to explore backcountry-cooking techniques.

At Backcountry Gourmet we stand for: environmental stewardship, a life of exploration and learning, authenticity, and extraordinary delight in wholesome foods. We believe in savoring the preparation, the journey, and the destination by fostering self-reliance through adventure and sharing. We crave local, wholesome and hearty meals.

After a day’s hike, the food truly does taste better in the backcountry.  We hope to inspire you to camp and cook with family and friends, to enjoy and cherish our land, and, of course, to eat well.

Episode 1: Lost Lake

Join Kyle and Alberto as they explore the alpine backcountry in the late summer.  Watch, as they pass waterfalls and wind their way up to Lost Lake.  There, they will guide you through a delicious meal cooked over an open fire.

Episode 2: Tennessee Mountain Cabin

Join Kyle and nordic expert Anna Carvill, as they snowshoe up to a remote backcountry cabin in the alpine winter.  There, discover what the outdoor winter scene is at 10,000 feet.  Check out open fire cooking techniques and classic wood stove cast iron cooking.  Along the way, learn a thing or two about snowshoeing in the backcountry.

Episode 3: Coming Soon

We are dreaming of our next adventure.  Rafting, mountain biking, four wheeling,  how will we get out into the backcountry?  There, we can breathe the fresh air, enjoy the views and cook one spectacular meal.  We can’t wait to meet the new friends and see the undiscovered places that accompany each trip.

A Diverse & Talented Team

Meet The Backcountry Crew

Nat Kramer

Producer, Director of Photography

Nathaniel Kramer is an editor, cameraman, writer and producer who has worked on award-winning documentary films, television, privately marketed, and internet-distributed projects. He enjoys conversations over hot beverages, cycling, cooking, and games of strategy and imagination.

Kyle Mendenhall

Producer, Host

Kyle is a classically trained musician turned chef with a great love for the outdoors. With a deep passion for creating food that has integrity and builds relationships, he continues shaping his future as a chef. With deep family roots in Colorado, he has many fond memories of the great outdoors and is an avid forager, always looking for what nature has to offer and what is in season. Kyle was the Executive Chef for all The Kitchen restaurants from 2008-2016 and currently works closely with the Brewers Association based in Boulder consulting on craft beer and food related events.

Chris Kepple

Producer, Director

Chris has always been passionate about outdoor adventures. Hiking, camping, surfing, snowboarding and sailing are favorites that keep him busy year round. He thought up the concept of Backcountry Gourmet after seasoning some steaks and tossing them into his backpack, along with a bottle of red wine, before embarking on a Rocky Mountain camping trip. Chris is a writer, and he currently splits his time between Connecticut and Colorado.

Andy Strom

Producer, Art Director

Whether opening Michelin award winning restaurants or implementing creative strategy, websites, mobile apps & custom software with his company IRONA, Inc., Andy is most at peace adventuring in the outdoors, going fast downhill or lounging at home mountainside in the hills above Boulder, CO

A very special thank you to those that support Backcountry Gourmet