Elevation: 9786 Feet

Kyle and Alberto parked their Jeep, grabbed their packs and hiked from the Hessie Trailhead up to Lost Lake. It is a moderately easy hike, until you put fifty to sixty pounds of gourmet weight in a backpack. The chef adventurers gained just under a thousand feet in elevation, passing beautiful waterfalls, as they climbed up to the awe-inspiring mountain views that Lost Lake affords. There, in the resounding peace and quiet of the backcountry, they cooked a meal so delicious the best restaurants in the city had reason to be jealous.

Lost Lake is nearby some abandoned mining cabins, making it the perfect place to enjoy nature and be reminded of Eldora’s humble mining roots. If you go up there, keep your eye out for the ruins of the mining times nestled in the Spruce and Aspen.

Style Note:

If you like Kyle’s stylish gear, you may want to know that he was outfitted by our friends at Fjallraven in Boulder. Alberto, being Italian, is just stylish all the time, and rocked the classic Patagonia jacket and jeans.


Lost Lake – Hessie Trail Head


Early Fall

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